Airdrop to early supporters

The Basilisk Early Supporters Airdrop aims to reward not only the first members of our social channels, but also those who have contributed to the protocol's development in its infancy in various ways. We want to acknowledge the efforts of everyone who has supported us, from spreading the word and raising awareness about our project to providing valuable feedback and suggestions.

Here's a brief overview of the airdrop eligibility criteria:

  1. First Members of Our Social Channels: Users who joined our Telegram, Discord, and other social media channels in the early stages of our project will be eligible for the airdrop. These members have been instrumental in creating an engaged community and fostering a collaborative atmosphere.

  2. Active Contributors: Those who have actively participated in discussions, shared their insights, and provided constructive feedback on our platform will be rewarded for their valuable contributions.

  3. Brand Ambassadors: Users who have gone above and beyond to spread the word about Basilisk, be it through social media, blog posts, or personal referrals, will be recognized for their efforts in raising awareness and driving user adoption.

To ensure a fair distribution of the airdropped tokens, we will be conducting a thorough review of eligible participants based on the criteria mentioned above. Further details regarding the exact amount of tokens to be distributed and the timeline for the airdrop will be announced soon.

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